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2019-2020 Productions


2019 Production


THE BIG “US” PROJECT is a community-driven theatre piece led by 100 refugees. Photo album coming soon - in the meantime, check out our Facebook album.

2017 - 2019 Productions

Grandpa's Garden

Grandpa's Garden is an interactive, musical science and history class taught by characters. Mr. Hollis, a world champion gardener, and his granddaughter Bebe are here to teach students how to grow their own fruits and vegetables. But Bebe can't stop wondering what's hidden in Grandpa's mysterious shed! Join Bebe and her Grandpa as they explore the garden - and their own roots as African-Americans in American history and long before - through song, senses, and stories.

Grandpa's Garden was developed by Brave Little Company and students from Mitchell Elementary (Houston ISD). It features music and lyrics by Rodrick Randall. Grandpa's Garden was funded in part by a grant from the Children's Theatre Foundation of America.

Extension Activity 1 - Modeling Life Cycles [PDF]

Extension Activity 2 - Light and Plant Growth (Evaluating Claims Using Evidence) [PDF] 

Extension activities created by Lisa Felske, Curriculum Director for Science, Harris County Department of Education. 


by Rupert Reyes and Caroline Reck. 

In this one-woman adaptation of the Cinderella fairy tale, a young girl named Belinda is bullied by her stepsisters for speaking English and Spanish. Instead of being invited to the party they are throwing, Belinda has to stay in the basement to fetch the party dresses and iron the napkins.  When she begins to tell herself a traditional Cinderella tale using everyday objects as the characters, Belinda’s active imagination and love of poetry help her write a different ending to her own story.

This award-winning play, easily understood by speakers of English and Spanish, was originally produced in 2015 by Teatro Vivo and ZACH Theatre in Austin, Texas.

2017 - 2018 production by Brave Little Company, which toured through Young Audiences of Houston. Photos by RicOrnel Productions. Directed by Troy Scheid. Puppet and properties design by Richard Solis. 

2015 - 2016 Production

Bravo, Chico Canta! Bravo!

By Pat Mora and Libby Martinez. Adapted by Troy Scheid with the collaboration of Jazmine Blas and Crystal Mata. 

You have an invitation from Chico Canta! Join Chico and his mouse family inside the walls of the old theatre where they live. The Cantas love to make music, put on plays with their friends, and speak many languages. Their only worry is keeping everyone safe from Gato-Gatito, the theater cat—and Chico Canta, the youngest of 12 brothers and sisters, thinks he can do something about that.

This fully bilingual, interactive performance about the power of languages and the power of music will have your students cheering ¡Bravo!

Read about our production on author Pat Mora’s blog!  

2014 - 2015 Production


By Troy Scheid with the collaboration of Amy Garner Buchanan and Zack Varela. 

Frustrated by a summer away from friends, a Lonely Only Child wants a sister to play with, more than anything in the world!

Using a pile of objects found around the house – buckets, brushes, and brooms – and a treasure trove of simile, metaphor, and puns – the Lonely Only Child imagines the ideal little sister to take care of and go on adventures with. With the help of the audience, she comes to life! But little sisters, and other works of art, are known to have minds of their own. In this highly interactive show, the audience explores similarities between the creative processes of writing and building. 

2014 - 2015 Production by Brave Little Company, which toured through Young Audiences of Houston. Photos by Ricornel Productions. Directed by Troy Scheid. Set and properties design by Jodi Bobrovsky.