Creative Collaborations with Students with Learning Differences

Our creative theatre programs for students with learning differences and/or physical disabilities go beyond inclusion.

Through the Discovery Arts program of Young Audiences of Houston, our teaching artists work with students to create and perform original works of theatre.

Our programs are designed in consultation with the students’ classroom teacher to ensure that we understand each student’s strengths and challenges.

The resulting theatre experiences are sensory-based, using sounds, smells, and sensations to help tell stories (in addition to words, images, actions, and music). They are guided by theatre artists and draw from students’ imaginations, favorite books, and/or learning objectives that develop social skills and job skills.

Depending on a class’s needs, a final film may be created from the piece to help teach future classes.


Learn More

Hear from our partner teacher in the OMEGA program at Dobie High School (Pasadena ISD). The OMEGA program focuses on developing social skills and job skills for high school students with profound learning difference and/or physical disabilities. (Video is close-captioned.)

Read about our work in Edutopia: Inspiring Students With Special Needs Through Filmmaking

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Contact Glenn Bailey, Jr., Director of Community and School Partnerships at Young Audiences of Houston: 713-520-9267 or

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Two students act out a scene as the director and filmmaker work with them.
Students use plastic toy animals and a silk fan to create a shadow puppet play.