Elissa Cuellar (Xiomara) and Jeana Magallon (Tía Elena) in First Day, Nueva Escuela.

First Day, Nueva Escuela

A New Bilingual Play (Grades K-5)

Book now for Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15)! First Day, Nueva Escuela is the story of a girl who overcomes her fear of starting class at a new school (and of reading) by writing herself into the stories. Tía Elena wants to make sure Xiomara is ready for her first day at a new school, but no matter what story she suggests they read, Xiomara always finds a reason not to like it. And now there’s just one day left before school starts!  

A performance of First Day, Nueva Escuela is a great way to welcome students back from summer break! Reluctant readers and English language learners will be inspired to get into books, and it’s easy to connect to summer reading hits such as The Interrupting Chicken, Carmela Full of Wishes, Tía Isa Wants a Car, A Chair for My Mother, or the Mo Willems books. The play is easily understood by speakers of English and Spanish, and its interactive storytelling helps audiences find compassion and empathy for the stories of others.

For Grades K - 5

Price: $295 (Single Performance) / $450 (Back-to-Back)

Lyndsay Sweeney as Robin Goodfellow in  Wooden O .

Lyndsay Sweeney as Robin Goodfellow in Wooden O.

Wooden O

An Interactive Shakespeare Adventure for Ages 3-5

William Shakespeare called his stage a “wooden O” – an empty space where the audience’s imagination helps the actors tell the story. Once kids ages 3-5 step into Brave Little Company’s Wooden O, they’ll be on an imaginative quest to help Robin Goodfellow, a prankster with a little magic up his sleeve. They’ll engage their senses of sight, hearing, touch, and smell as they follow Robin’s map to find a mysterious flower. Presented with modern text and music, Wooden O is an age-appropriate introduction to Will’s many worlds!

For Ages 3-5 (EC, Pre-K & K)

Price: $195 (Single Performance) / $295 (Back-to-Back)